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Im the third! Yipee

Eh well I've been through quite a few communities, with them rejecting me. The mean brutal comments I've recieved, have been more then amusing. Alot of them are quite full on themselve...so they'll add some real negative criticism. Never really wanted to get bashed, but eh I had the curosity if it was any fun. lol so please be honset, hehehe. Btw regardless of the answer I recieve I feel good about me, lol but I realize I'll deal with whatever answer I recieve. Thanks!

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Me and Kelley Mocking the charlies angels. God I look sultry.....oh yeah. hahaha

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Group shot of me, kelley, and Emanuel. I like the look I gave....lol

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My picture near the good omen tree. lol...look at the purdy bow...
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